United States of America

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11 poems mentioning United States of America

  1. Abraham Lincoln, Assassinated April 14th, 1865, by Laon, May 6th 1865
  2. Old Abraham, the Splitter, by A Joker, October 29, 1864
  3. Food or Work, by [Unknown], July 2nd, 1864
  4. Poland and America. In Imitation of Kingsley's "Three Fishermmen", by Gulielmus, September 12, 1863
  5. The Cry of the Crowd No.II, by W. Billington, May 24th 1862
  6. America, by J. R., Wednesday, October 15, 1862
  7. Surrender of Mason and Slidell, by [Unknown], Jan 11 1862
  8. Cheer up a Bit Longer, by Samuel Laycock, 1866
  9. Hard Times; Or, Th' Weyvur to His Wife, by "A Lancashire Lad," (James Bowker), 1866
  10. Th' Shurat Weaver's Song, by Samuel Laycock, January 10th, 1863
  11. Can You Help Us a Bit?, by Mr. W. Stitt Jenkins, October 25th 1862