“Cheer Up A Bit Longer.” By Samuel Laycock.
CHEER up a bit longer, mi brothers i’ want,
There’s breeter days for us i’ store;
There’ll be plenty o’ tommy an’ wark for us o,
When this ‘Merica bother gets o’er.
Yo’n struggled reet nobly, an’ battled reet hard,
While things han bin lookin’ so feaw;*
Yo’n borne wi’ yor troubles an’ trials so long,
It’s no use o’ givin’ up neaw.
* * * * * * *
It’s hard to keep clemmin’ an starvin’, it’s true;
An’ it’s hard to see th’ little things fret
Becose there’s no buttercakes for ‘em to eat;
But we’n allus kept pooin’ through yet.
As bad as toimes are, an’ as feaw as things look,
One’s certain they met ha’ bin worse;
For we’n getten a trifle o’ summat, so fur, -
It’s only bin roughish, of course.
* * * * * * *
God bless yo, mi brothers, we’re nobbut on th’ tramp;
We never stay long at one spot;
An’ while we keep knockin’ abeawt i’ this world,
Disappointments will fall to eawr lot;
So th’ best thing we can do, iv we meon to get through,
Is to wrestle wi’ cares as they come;
Iv we’re teighert an’ weary, - well, let’s never heed,
We can rest us weel when we get whoam.
Cheer up, then, aw say, an’ keep hopin’ for th’ best,
An’ things’ll soon awter, yo’ll see;
There’ll be oachans o’ butties* for Tommy an’ Fred,
An’ th’ little uns perch’d on yor knee.
Bide on a bit longer, tak heart once agen,
An’ do give o’er lookin’ soa feaw;
As we’n battled, an’ struggled, an’ suffer’d so long,
It’s no use o’ givin’ up neaw.
*Foul, bad.