Jack Cottam

Jack Cottam is a historian whose MA level dissertation was on the subject the Lancashire Cotton Famine. The project is extremely grateful to Jack for providing not just this fascinating piece of work for the site, but also many commentaries, especially on the American poems which comment on the relationship between the US and the UK during the Civil War. Jack’s contextual knowledge of this aspect of the subject has been invaluable – he signs his commentaries ‘JC’, so look out for them.

Peter Grihoult

Peter Grihault contacted the project in 2019 and alerted us to the fact that he had used our database to study texts for his Undergraduate dissertation on the subject of Cotton Famine poetry. This represents one of the first scholarly studies of the subject and we are delighted that Peter has given us permission to reproduce his fine work here.

Simon Rennie

This open access journal article published in the Journal of Victorian Culture in January 2020 was written by the Principal Investigator on the Cotton Famine Poetry project, Dr Simon Rennie. It uses the poetry uncovered by the research to investigate the nature of reactions to the American Civil War in Lancashire. These reactions, like the poetry, prove to have been varied and complex.