The Coming Of The “Griswold.” By Adam Chester.

Lo! on the main, from keel to spar,
Among the thousand ships that are,
One noble vessel, towering tries
Her strength against the stooping skies;
A land of peace before her lies,
Looms in her wake a land of war.
Yo, heave, ho!
May every ship her ensign dip
In honour and in fellowship;
And Mersey’s guns, no longer mute,
Her coming into port salute;
Salute the seaman’s piping flute,
The whistle at the boatswain’s lip,
Yo, heave, ho!
Her memory, like a sweetheart’s glove
Wrapped with the lavender of love,
Henceforward may our England keep,
Till in the land beyond the deep,
Ever-wakeful war shall sleep,
And men shall work and shall not weep,
And Peace shall settle like a dove,
Yo, heave, ho!

Title:The Coming of the "Griswold"

Author:Adam Chester

Publication:The Blackburn Standard

Published in:Blackburn

Date:Wednesday, February 18, 1863

Keywords:america, charity, war