PUNCH TO PRINCE RUPERT. “At the Manchester distress meeting, the Earl of Derby headed the list with £5,000.” – Times.

Well done, Lord Derby – foremost in the ranks
Opposed to famine, backing the petition
Of sorrow, tendering kindness votes of thanks,
Well, Derby, dost thou lead that Opposition.
Thou art no shedder of unhelpful tears,
But rightly scorn’st such sentimental slops,
And droppest gold instead; so after years
Shall speak with honour of our Rupert’s drops.
- Punch.

Title:Prince Rupert


Publication:Rochdale Pilot

Published in:Rochdale

Date:Dec 13 1862

Keywords:charity, politics, poverty


This Punch poem celebrates the generosity of Lord Derby, the Conservative Leader of the Opposition, in donating £5000 to a Cotton Famine charity relief fund in Manchester. The poem characterises the statesman pointedly as ‘Prince Rupert’, the successful royalist commander during the English Civil War and nephew of the King. – SR