COME forth, ye many nations,
By rail and foaming wave;
Tell strangers and relations
A welcome they shall have:
Come from Columbia’s regions,
Asia and Afric’s land,
Come forth in noble legions,
One happy, peaceful band.
May all, in friendly union,
Of every clime agree
To aid, in sweet communion,
The cause of Industry.
Come to our spacious building,
With myriad hearts combined,
The peaceful banner wielding –
“Good will to all mankind.”
May this, our wondrous meeting,
Advance the cause of peace!
May this, our nation’s greeting,
Make wars and tumults cease!
May anger’s hateful canker
No more our friendship blast,
But strife and deadly rancour
Be view’d as things gone past.

Title:Welcome to the Nations

Author:E. T. W.

Publication:Rochdale Pilot

Published in:Rochdale

Date:May 10 1862

Keywords:Industry, Peace, War


This poem celebrates the recently opened 1862 International Exhibition in London, and expresses the hope that the many nations meeting together to showcase technology and industry (36 nations were represented in all), might use this as an opportunity to spread the message of peace. The first world region mentioned is Columbia, and though this tends to refer to the Americas in general, it is notable that industry and peace are associated so closely as the exhibition is held in the second year of the American Civil War and the blockade of cotton exports. – SR