Surrender Of Mason And Slidell!

We’ve shown that the banner of England can shield,
And prove an asylum for all;
That Englishmen never to insult can yield,
When honour and liberty call.
Proud Albion, like Neptune, the god of the sea,
All stern in the splendour of might,
Asserts that her flag makes the fugitive free, -
America bends to its right!
Then let it in majesty float o’er the main,
Embodying ages of glory
That no empty boast or bravado can stain
Or blot the gold page of its story.
Hail England the vict’ry, untarnished with gore!
Bright peace is still smiling before us!
May our brave ones fall victims in battle no more,
Or die 'mid the cannon’s loud chorus!
But while we must hail the returning of peace,
And welcome the strains of her lyre,
All true admiration will ever increase
For TAYLOR’S unrivalled attire.
Their prices are such that all classes may buy;
Their quality noted for wear;
Their beauty and finish all others defy,
As thousands who see them declare.

Title:Surrender of Mason and Slidell


Publication:Preston Guardian

Published in:Preston

Date:Jan 11 1862

Keywords:america, nationalism, politics, war