Will The War Be Over Soon?

WILL the war be over soon,
And goodwill [prevail] ;
Or shall Poverty and Strife
Still our homes assail?
May the music of the loom
Echo through our walls
And the smile of plenty fill
Our cottages and halls.
May the hand that’s horned with toil
Earn deserved wealth,
And the people all secure
The glorious boon of health.
Thus shall true and lasting peace
Soothe out many ills;
And firm health be ours with HORROBIN’S
Try them now – be strong again –
Ye whom strength has left;
Suffer not ye sons of toil,
Of happiness bereft.
Try them NOW, and let the eye
Again with health be bright;
These will cleanse the system through,
And make spirits light.
Try them NOW – to-morrow’s sun
May rise with worse disease.
HORROBIN’S PILLS will both prevent and cure,
And bless with health an ease.

Title:Will the War Be over Soon?


Publication:Bacup Times

Published in:Bacup

Date:May 20th 1865

Keywords:poverty, unemployment, war, work


Though the poetry columns of Victorian newspapers offer us evidence of a rich literary culture, the prevalence of poetry in everyday life is apparent from poems like this one, which served to advertise products and services within the same newspapers. Like today’s advertising jingles, the poems aimed to capture attention and embed the product in the reader’s consciousness. In this case, the anonymous poet has seized upon popular interest in the American Civil War and its implications for the people of Lancashire. The advert first appeared in the Bacup Times on 20th May 1865, appearing weekly until June 24th. The poet was perhaps a little slow to anticipate the end of the war – the last battle was fought on May 13th, though its end was not formally proclaimed until August 1866. - RM