Notice To The North.

Yankee beware! we are averse.
But not afraid to fight.
War we account the direst curse
On man that can alight;
And we will do what’er we may
To keep that worst of plagues away.
Insults we’ve borne, and more can bear
To idle acts confined,
Or words, for which no more we care
Than for the noisome wind
Polluted by your skunk, which blows
Beyond the sphere of England’s nose.
But, by insufferable deeds,
Throwing substantial mud,
So urge us not that we must needs
Embrace the work of blood;
Which we abhor; compelled to smite,
Shall therefore do with all our might.
For Peace we fight – as we forbear –
To keep it, patience strain;
To conquer it no efforts spare;
And conquer to retain:
As, if to war you make us go,
By Jove, we’ll try to let you know!

Notes: Originally from Punch.

Title:The Cream of Punch – 'Notice to the North'


Publication:Bury Guardian

Published in:Bury


Keywords:america, war