[May the rose of England]

The following toast was recently drunk with “applause and satisfaction” in New York: -
May the Rose ofEngland never blow,
The Thistle of Scotland never grow,
May the Harp of Ireland never play,
Till the Stars and Stripes have won the day.

Title:[May the rose of England]


Publication:Bury Guardian

Published in:

Date:July 19th 1862

Keywords:politics, war


This reported toast from New York in 1862 doubtless reflects continuing Union frustration with Britain’s neutral stance during the American Civil War, a reaction to the aftermath of the ‘Trent Affair’ of the year before, and continuing support for the crippling blockade of Confederate cotton. As the conflict continued, relations between the American government and Britain thawed, but at this point in history they were probably at their very lowest point. – SR