(For Huddersfield)
(From Punch)

John Bright hot ---
British public cold ---
Nine months old.

Title:A Little Nursery Rhyme


Publication:Accrington Guardian

Published in:Accrington

Date:April 6th, 1861

Keywords:, politics, satire


This Punch satire takes aim at the Liberal MP and reformer, John Bright, who is also the target of ‘Reforming the Reformers’. There is reference to the Huddersfield Liberal MP Edward Leatham, who was John Bright’s brother-in-law. This infantile style is quite typical of Punch’s satirical style and is often used to make short sharp political points. The reference here appears to be to Bright’s influence on Leatham, who became more prominent in 1861 when he instituted Huddersfield College Prize Medals. This can be seen in the context of metropolitan Tory suspicion of particularly northern Liberal politicians and their increasing influence on national politics. It is interesting that these kind of political attacks appear to lessen as the Cotton Famine progresses. Punch editorial policy in particular becomes more sympathetic to the north in subsequent years. – SR