15 poems mentioning Britain

  1. To All the Suffering Sons of Toil, by [Unknown], Sept 6 1862
  2. A New Song, by A.R. H–d-y, Wednesday, December 18, 1861
  3. Britannia's Sons, by Thomas Forster Ker, Jan 11 1862
  4. The Cream of Punch – 'Rule Britannia', by unknown, 9/5/63
  5. True Christians, by Abe Jones, Aug 2 1862
  6. Oh! Rich Man, Hear What A. B. C. Can Say to Thee, by Alcæus, Dec 5 1862
  7. New Year’s Address by the Carrier Boy of the Kalamazoo Gazette to His Friends and Patrons., by Unknown, January 3rd 1862
  8. South Carolina., by J. W. Temple, February 15th 1861
  9. Theatre Royal Amateur Theatricals, by J. R. Marsh, May 18th 1861
  10. Charity! A Word to the Rich., by By The Author Of “Proverbial Philosophy”,
  11. Song For The Times., by J. Clarkson, April 25th 1861
  12. Father Christmas., by W. Billington, December 27th 1862
  13. Cotton is King., by M. A.,
  14. Lines, by Jane Ashby, January 30th 1863
  15. King Cotton., by The Bard of Tower Hall, June 21st 1862