Atlantic Ocean

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11 poems mentioning Atlantic Ocean

  1. Farewell Old Year, by Thomas Hodson, Dec 26th 1863
  2. To All the Suffering Sons of Toil, by [Unknown], Sept 6 1862
  3. Christmas, 1861, by W. A. Abram, Dec 21st, 1861
  4. Hard Times, by John Plummer, Wednesday, November 05, 1862
  5. Reform Conjurers at Fault, by unknown, December 5th 1863
  6. Cotton Is King., by Cosmos, February 6th 1861
  7. The Cotton Boll., by Henry Timrod, September 3rd 1861
  8. A Prayer., by E. Coe, March 7th 1863
  9. New Year’s Address by the Carrier Boy of the Kalamazoo Gazette to His Friends and Patrons., by Unknown, January 3rd 1862
  10. An Ode To Britannia, The Arbitress Of Nations., by Daniel Mac Vicar, May 8th 1862
  11. King Cotton Bound: or, the New Prometheus (Punch), by Unknown, December 14th 1861