THERE’S nobody knows wod we’n gooan through
Sin th’ factories stopt tit [fost] ,
An’ heaw mitch loife’s bin [wasted] too,
An’ heaw mitch brass we’n lost;
Aw trys sometoimes to rekon up,
But ceawntin connud mend id;
When aw sit deawn wi nowt to sup ---
Aw wod this war wer ended!
A boddy’s loifetime’s nod so lung ---
Nod them [uz] lives to th’ lungest;
Sooa dusend id seem sadly weung
For th’ healthiest an’ strungust
To give three [wul] years’ pith an’ proide
To rust an’ ruin blended,
An’ ravin up o’ th’ loss besoide? ---
Aw wod this war wer ended!
A dacent chap ul do his best,
An’ eawt o’ wod he’s earnin
Ged th’ owdest son o trade, an’ th’ rest
O’ th’ lads a bit o’ learnin;
Bud iv he’s eawt o week; wey then,
Unschollard, unbefriended,
His childer grow up into men ---
Aw wod this war wer ended!
As toimes hes [bin] , aw owt some “tin”
For shop stuff ut Lung Nailey’s,
An’ cose aw cuddent pay ‘t, yo sin,
He’s gooan an’ sent th’ bum bailies;
They’n [sowd] us up, booath pot an’ pooak,
An’ paid th’ owd scoor off splendid;
They just dun wod they will wi fooak. ---
Aw wod this war wer ended!
Neaw aw feer noather dun nor bum,
Wi o their kith an’ kin: ---
They’ll fotch nowt eawt o’ th’ heause, by gum,
Becose there’s nowt left in.
Aw’m welly weary o’ meh loife,
An cuddend, if aw’d spend id,
Ged scran fo th’ kids, mesel, an’ th’ woife ---
Aw wod this war wer ended!
Some forrud foos ull rant reet herd,
An’ toke a deal o’ nonsense;
Bud let um gabble tell theyr terd,
Id’s reet enuff i won sense;
They waste their brass an’ rack their brains,
But, be nod yo offended,
They’ll ged their labor for their pains,
Bud th’ war’s nod thereby ended!
Some tokes for t’ North, an’ some for t’ South,
Wi’ o smooth an’ oily tung,
Bud iv they’d sense they’d shut their meawth,
For boath on ‘em’s i’ t’ wrung!
An’ it’s nooan reyt to let em feyt, ---
If t’ world hes wisdom --- lend id,
To set these two crookt people streyt,
An’ then t’ war ud be ended!