Rise to the task with good heart in the morning,
Seek not, the duty of labour to shirk,
Labour degrading? the thought rightly scorning,
Willingly, cheerfully bend to the work.
Not like a thing, without meaning or notion,
Wielding the hammer with dull senseless clink;
Not a machine, with but one line of motion,
In round unvarying, - work, lads, and think.
Think of the men who have laboured before you;
Think of the brave hearts that laurels have won;
Not stooping like cravens, hard lot to deplore you –
The race is half won if in earnest begun.
Look – look around on the triumphs of labour,
Think of the blessings ‘t has brought, nor then shrink
From hope in the task; with aim in your labour,
Honestly, earnestly, work, lads, and think.
Nor with ambition for fame or for station;
Seeking applause form the popular tongue,
Though praise may be from the heart of a nation,
Rightfully, truthfully, honestly wrung.
What, though your worth by the world unconceded?
With good honest toil your fortunes still link:
Toil bringeth blessings – obscure and unheeded;
Work for the love of it, work, lads, and think.