"Thenkful Jone"
Bless God for a dinner!
Tho’ aor porridge gets thinner,
Tho’ aor meel be a clemm’d un, un meight we heh noan,
Thank God for it allus,
If He thinks tu doal us
But prators un salt, ‘baot o’ bit uv o’ boan.
Tho’ poor un hoaf clemmin,
Un scraping and skeamin,
Tu keep just alive, un get summot to eet;
Let’s try to make merry –
Feel thankful and cheery,
It’ll breetun aor troubles, un make ‘em seem leet.
Ther’s nout con distress us,
Wi’ o’ good haort tu bless us,
Dry porridge ull e’en taste as good as roest beef;
Un, baot beef or pudding,
We’ll feost like a good un,
O’th’ bacon and peyse, ut we geet fra’ th’relief.
Un, when th’ war is settl’d,
Un foughten, un battl’d,
Till peohce comes agean, tu show ut aw’m fain,
Aw’ll ‘luminate th’ winder,
O’ penny sho’nt hinder,
Aw’ll stick aw few tallow-dips up agean th’ pane.
Un then, when possessing
Full wark, un its blessings,
Aw hoap ut aw sho’nt get aboon wi’ mysel;
Content as God pleases,
Wi’ just wot He gi’es us,
Let’s be thankful, humble, un bide wi’ His will.
Un, if we are starving,
It’s what we’re deserving,
It’s all o’ His goodness we’re lettun tu live:
His marcy’s unstinted –
Aor lives angel-tented;
Let’s thenk Him, un bless Him, for wot He does give.