God help the poor! who, day by day,
The woes of want do feel;
Whose hardest toil, in brighter hours,
But earned a scanty meal;
Who, hapless, lag, with hungry looks,
And cheeks, so gaunt and pale,
That tell, so mutely eloquent,
The starvling’s piteous tale.
God help the poor! – ye rich and high,
With lands and mansions fine,
Think of the poor in their cold, bare homes,
Can you let them starve and pine?
Think of their shivering rag-clad limbs,
And spare, from your plenteous board,
A crust, for to fill their foodless mouths;
A mite from your golden hoard.
God help the poor! from hunger’s pangs,
In their dark hours of need;
Thy providence supplies their wants,
And better days, God speed!
And brothers, ye with bursting purse,
Give from your plenteous store;
In deeds of noblest charity,
Give – lend to your brother, the poor!
God help the poor! let better days
Dawn on our suff’ring land;
Let men in unity and peace,
Clasp firm the friendly hand,
And brothers greet, with honest hearts,
Of high and low degree,
And all men join – a happy band –
In blissful amity.
God send us peace! let discord, war,
And men’s dissesnsions cease;
Oh! give to mourning millions
The blessed boon of peace!
Let brothers sheath the cruel sword –
Fierce battles ended be;
Let foes be friends! And man to man
Breathe love and charity.