By G.G.N.
War! War! is the cry across the deep sea,
While the stars and the stripes boldly wave;
The war-hounds are loose, and soon we shall see,
The fetters cast off from the slave.
Oppression has ruled for many long years,
And bound down the good and the brave;
But sorrow and pain, with misery’s tears,
Shall cease to torment the poor slave.
Why not he enjoy the gifts of this life?
Is he not a man and a brother?
Has he not a claim to a home and a wife:
How comes he a serf to another?
I ask, is his state of no higher birth,
Nay, worse than the beasts of creation?
Did God place a SLAVE on the face of the earth,
To toil hard in chains and starvation?
Go on then, Reformers in Liberty’s name –
March forward the good and the brave;
‘Tis a foul blot on Freedom – Humanity’s shame,
But God shall redeem the poor slave.