Religious place within the Cotton Famine poems

13 poems mentioning

  1. South and North – Snake and Lion, by Laon, December 24, 1864
  2. A Night with the Brother of "Mine Host" of "Who Could Have Thought It?" Grimshaw Park, Blackburn, by W. M. Billington, July 30, 1864
  3. The Operative's Home, by W. M. Billington, October 3, 1863
  4. New Voices from the Crowd, by W. C. Bennett, August 22, 1863
  5. Song of the Emigrant, by John Baron, July 11, 1863
  6. To the Departing Emigrants, by William Billington, July 04, 1863
  7. The Believer's Prayer on the American War, by [Unknown], June 20, 1863
  8. The Lancashire Famine. A Contrast. Then and Now; Or Past and Present. Then, or Past, by Y. Stonmarket, January 17, 1863
  9. The Cotton Famine, by A Blackburn Weaver, May 17th 1862
  10. The Cry of the Crowd, by William Billington, May 10th 1862
  11. Counsel to the Americans, by J. B., 5th Sept 1863
  12. The Silent Mills of Lancashire, by Rev. J. Baker, Dec 27 1862
  13. Lines, by Samuel Laycock, November 12th, 1864