(ORIGINAL.) ENGLAND AND THE AMERICAN WAR. “The recognition of the Southern Confederacy would be a recognition of slavery itself.” – VIDE MR SUMNER’S SPEECH.
Where Sol sends forth his genial rays,
Down from his throne in western skies,
Dread Mars with gory sceptre sways
And fills the land with groans and sighs.
Alas! a lovely, happy land,
Where dwells the free, the strong, the brave,
Has, by an abject, rebel band,
Been made a charnel-house to brand
More deep the forehead of the slave.
Fair Albion , thou hast ever fought
With wondrous power to rid the world
Of slavery’s curse; thy sword has smote
Where freedom’s banners waved unfurled.
Slavemongers, human right ignoring
Ask thee thy deeds to recognise
As righteous; while clouds are lowering,
Mercy from thee the slaves imploring,
Ere their last hope of freedom dies!
What would thy deeds of valor be
For freedom’s cause on land and see,
If (as false patriots ask of thee)
Thou recognised this slavery?
‘Twould soil for aye thy fairest fame,
And dim the lustre of thy crown.
England! let not thy glorious name
Be a partaker of this shame,
Do right, and spurn the tyrant’s power.
Lord, send thine aid, and purge the nation
From this foul stain, we humbly crave, ---
Such wrongs defile thy fair creation;
We pray for freedom for the slave!
Let freedom all their sorrows smother,
Thou, who art King and Lord of all;
Oh! teach mankind to love each other,
For why should man enslave his brother?
Lord, cause the bondsman’s chains to fall!
RICHARD RAWCLIFFE 3 Quarry-street, Eanam, October 20th, 1863.